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Visual Effects Supervisor: David J. Negron Jr.

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"Open Range" a Kevin Costner film. With over 200+ Visual Effects Shots this film proves to be no ordinary western. From sky replacements to landscape modification, this 1800's western has it all with nothing to get in the way of its filmic storytelling. For example; the famous "final gun-fight" was shot over a ten day shooting schedule. During that time, unpredictable weather conditions challenged the filmmakers. That's where the Visual Effects Supervisor David Negron Jr. worked his magic. In a 3D computer environment, a partly cloudy 360 degree sky was created so that at any given angle during the gun-fight sequence, the skys could be replaced to keep the "look" consistent. It was the goal of the supervisor to see that the audience would be completly unaware of these effects. These interesting facts and more can be found on the extended DVD version of "Open Range."

David J. Negron Jr.
Visual Effects Supervisor

Feature Film Credits
"Open Range" Director: Kevin Costner
"Unconditional Love" Director: PJ Hogan
"Where The Heart Is" Director: Matt Williams
"Message in a Bottle" Director: Luis Mandokie
"The Postman" Director: Kevin Costner
"Scissors" Director: Frank De Felitta
"Jo Jo Dancer" Director: Richard Pryor