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SCRIPT TRAILERS are a new and exciting way to "PITCH" your scripts to prospective producers and financiers.

With your screenplay, Goliath Pictures will produce a three minute DVD SCRIPT TRAILER that promises to dazzle the senses.

Through illustration, storyboards and sketches, your script magically takes on a new life in a visual form. Coupled with dynamic sound effects and sound tracks, you now posses the power of a unique pitch.

Along with illustration and design, Goliath Pictures can also design and shoot short "trailer like" live action moments that offer another style for your presentation.

With over twenty five years of film making experience, Goliath Pictures knows what makes a film creative and how to present it.

click here to play CAFE RACER script trailer

click here to play WAY OF THE WOLF script trailer

click here to play "SUPER ZERO" script trailer

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